Board of Examination

(For Boiler Engineers)

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About Us

About us

The Board of Examination (For Boiler Engineer) is an examination Body for the conduct of examinations of various classes of boiler engineers. The Board holds examinations twice a year and around 2000 candidates of class 1st, 2nd and 3rdare examined every 6-months.


Since 1926, the examination of boiler engineers had been conducting by “Board of Examining Engineers, Punjab” under Punjab Boiler Rules, 1926 and Boiler Act, 1923. However, through the promulgated of “Punjab Pressure Vessels Regulations, 2018” the Board was renounced as “Board of Examination (For Boiler Engineers)” and is responsible to conduct the examination of boiler engineers.


The Board comprising the Chairman and the four (4) members. The Director General, IPWM, Punjab is the Chairman and the Chief Inspector of Boilers, Punjab is the Secretary of the Board. The other members are Mr. Muhammad Ismail Abid, Syed Talat M Hassan and Mr. Rahmatullah.